Slovenská asociácia výrobcov transportbetónu
, Koliskova 1, 841 05 Bratislava

About Us

Slovak Ready Mixed Concrete Producers Association (SAVT) was established in the year 1995. The main goal of the establishing of the SAVT was to improve the quality level of ready mixed concrete production in Slovakia. At that time (year 1995) it was not simple task, therefore it was period of the transformation the whole industry in Slovakia and it was grate animosity to concrete as to the building material - due to the “grey concrete housing estates” built during the socialism time. The production of ready mixed concrete decreased to 0,3 m3 per capita. During the last 20 years concrete has achieved again the reputation of the secure and reliable material with long durability from which it is possible to construct modern and aesthetic buildings. At the present time (year 2020) the ready mixed concrete production in Slovakia  is approx.0,6 m3 per capita - what is close to the average ready mixed concrete production in EU countries, who are the members of ERMCO (average in year 2018 – 0,5 m3/capita).

SAVT has co-operated with ERMCO (in the different form) from year 1995. At the beginning it was trough companies “Slovbeton, s.r.o.”, later “Holcim beton,”  and finally from the year 2001 - SAVT has started the full membership in ERMCO.  Unfortunately (due to the lack of financial founds), SAVT was forced to terminate ERMCO membership at the end of the year 2014.

Main fields of SAVT activities are:

  • joint effort for the support of ready mixed concrete (RMC) production in Slovakia
  • the support of RMC production in the technical and environmental areas and at the standard preparation and also in the marketing of new products from concrete
  • enforcement of the ethics code at the RMC production (mainly compliance at the opening and operation of RMC plants)

SAVT organizes for education of its members  (and also for all technicians having interest about concrete)  every year:

  • internal seminar (workshop), which is oriented on actual problems of SAVT members at RMC production – every year in Bratislava in March or April
  • conference with international participants “BETON 201.” (“Concrete 201.”) – every 2 years in High Tatras (hotel Patria – Strbske pleso) at the beginning of October   
  • seminar “VYROBA BETONU 201.” (“Concrete production 201.”) - every 2 years in High Tatras (hotel Patria – Strbske pleso)  at the beginning of October  

General  Assembly

The supreme body of the association is General Assembly, where all SAVT members have one representative. The members of the General Assembly are:

ALAS, s.r.o., Bratislava, Ing. Ivan Hanzlíček
Bauchemia T.B., s.r.o., Bratislava, Ing. J. Valko
Master Builders Solutions Slovakia spol. s r.o., Žilina, Ing. Leoš Vajner
CRH Slovensko , a.s., Rohožník, Ing. Tomáš Kacko
MAPEI SK, s.r.o., Ivanka pri Dunaji, Ing. Ján Fleischhacker
MC-Bauchemie, s.r.o., Bratislava, Ing. Martin Struk
Sika Slovensko, s.r.o., Bratislava, Stanislav Sivák
STACHEMA Bratislava, a.s., Bratislava, Ing. Martin Dovaľ, PhD
ZAPA beton SK s.r.o., Bratislava, Ing. Andrej Hrabovský
V.M.S. TRADE, s.r.o., Brezno, Matej Vlček


All members of SAVT Presidium are actively involved in everyday RMC production.

The presidium of SAVT consists of 5 members:

Hrabovský Andrej. MSc - president

Dováľ Martin, MSc. PhD. – vice-president for educational and publishing activities

Ing. Martin Struk – vice-president for technic and technology

Ing. Tomáš Kacko – vice-president for marketing

Hanzlíček Ivan, MSc. – vice-president for safety at work and sustainability

General Secretary

Kňaze Pavol, MSc, PhD

SAVT has 4 committees, which are responsible for the different fields of SAVT activities. The members of these committees are specialists from the member organisations.

Committee for Educational and Publishing Activities

Chairman: Ing. Martin Dováľ, PhD


Fleischhacker Ján, MSc (MAPEI SK, s.r.o.)

Sivák Stanislav (SIKA Slovensko, s.r.o.)

Technical Committee:

Chairman: Ing. Martin Struk (MC-Bauchemie, s.r.o.)


 Fleischhacker Ján, MSc (MAPEI SK, s.r.o.)

Jančigová Monika, MSc (ALAS Slovakia, s.r.o)

Kamas Tomáš, MSc (CRH Slovensko, a.s.)

Vajner Leoš, MSc (Master Builders Solutions Slovakia spol. s r.o.)

Ján Fleischhacker, MSc (MAPEI-SK,s.r.o.)

Marketing Committee:

Chairman: Ing. Tomáš Kacko CRH (Slovensko), a.s.


Telgarská Zuzana, MSc (Stachema Bratislava, a.s.)

Ing.arch. Matej Polerecký, MSc(ALAS Slovakia, s.r.o.)

Sustainability Committee and Committee for Safety at Work:

Chairman: Ivan Hanzlíček, MSc (ALAS Slovakia, s.r.o.)


Suvák Ján (CRH Slovensko, a.s.)

Dratvová Stanislava, MSc (CRH Slovensko, a.s.)

Daniela Bednárová, (STRABAG, s.r.o., Frischbeton)

Zuzana Telgarská, (STACHEMA BRATISLAVA, a.s.)